[Website] Registration Process

Click “Register” in the right top corner of our main website https://emteria.com.
Create a new account with your valid email address (you will receive an email in the next step).
Confirm the captcha and click on “Continue” to receive the confirmation message.
Check your inbox (and maybe the Spam-folder) and follow the registration link (“clicking here”) in the email you receive.
Choose your password and fill in your profile details.

Save the data by clicking “Submit” and you will be redirected to the customer area. Now you can download the installer for emteria.OS and flash it to your device.

Attention: If you are a business customer, please setup your product settings and customization options before installing the emteria.OS to your device or your sdcard. These settings will be downloaded automatically during the installation process.

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Published date: 16/01/2018 4:32PM
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Author: kalkov
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