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Additional customization options allow OEM-specific changes to our product core. These settings will be automatically downloaded during the installation process and applied during the first boot. This process is only available to our business customers.

Please login into your emteria account at https://emteria.com by using the “Login” button in the top right corner.
Navigate to the “Customization” area. Note: This option is only available to our business customers.
Set up your initial screen options like the preferred initial screen rotation or a specific display resolution.
You can disable individual applications or application components (e.g. com.android.smspush or com.android.mms.service), if required.
Define additional packages which should be automatically installed during the initial setup of the device.
For example, you can add one of the OpenGApps packages by inserting the direct download link into the URL form.
Note: The user will have the possibility to ignore the recommended settings (disabled components or additional packages) during the setup wizard.

Attention: As mentioned above, the OEM-specific device configuration is downloaded automatically during the installation of emteria.OS with the official installer application. Later changes to customization options at our website will not be automatically applied to already running devices.

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