[emteria.OS] Initial configuration with Setup Wizard

On the initial boot screen click “NEXT” file
Choose your language and click “NEXT” file
Check your time and date. This might be important for Internet connections. Then click “NEXT” file
If your device doesn’t have an Ethernet connection, you can now connect to your WIFI access point. A working Internet connection is required for device activation and customized setup. file
For LAN: Plugin your LAN cable into your device and make sure that your router correctly assignes the IP address. Then click “NEXT”.
For WIFI: Click on “SETUP”.
If you have a valid license, push the button “ACTIVATE”. Otherwise, just skip this step. file
7. If you have purchased emteria.OS through a OEM you might be required to download certrain OEM features. Click on “Apply” to install additional packages and click “NEXT” file
8. Accept the End-User License Agreement of emteria by setting the checkbox and click “NEXT”. file
9. Finish the setup wizard. Depending on customization options for business customers, a reboot might be required.
9.1 Finish the setup with a reboot. file
9.2. If no customization options were applied, you can finish the setup wizard without a reboot by clicking “NEXT”. file
10. After the setup finishes, your system will be ready to use. file

From now on enjoy emteria.OS!

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