[emteria.OS] Device Activation via License Manager

The device can be activated either with one of your unused activation codes or by logging in into your emteria account. In the latter case, one of your available licenses (unassociated with other devices) will be automatically used to activate this device. Please make sure your device has a working Internet connection.

Using License Manager

Open the License Manager application from the Drawer.
Choose whether your device should be activated with a valid activation code or by providing the credentials to your emteria account. file
Activation code: You can find an overview over your licenses and corresponding activation codes in the customer area https://emteria.com/CustomerArea/LicenseGroups file
Type the selected activation code into the opened window. file
Emteria account: If your choose to activate with your emteria account, use the same email address and password as for the website login and graphical installer. file
You will receive a notification about the result of the activation process. file

Attention: In case of a successful activation, the evaluation watermark in the right bottom corner will disappear after the reboot.

Resetting License Data

In case you experience troubles during the activation:

  • Open the License Manager settings by touching the icon in the top right corner
  • Clear the license data
  • DO NOT navigate back, but rather exit the License Manager by clicking the Home button
  • Restart your device - you license data will be deleted from the device
  • Re-activate your device by starting the License Manager again
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