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F-Droid Application

F-Droid is an open-source app store for free applications. Starting with emteria.OS version 0.5.3, F-Droid is included in all emteria distributions by default. This guide shows how to install the “Yalp Store” from F-Droid and use it to download additional applications.


You can find the F-Droid app on the home screen or in the list of all available applications (drawer). To open the drawer, click on the white circle with six dots. file
On first start, F-Droid will take a moment to download and update its app database. Wait for this process to complete. file

Adding Private Repository

Navigate to the “Private Repositories” section of emteria customization area: https://emteria.com/CustomerArea/Customization file
Warning: You won’t be able to change the repository name or password after creation.
Fill out the data fields as desired. Please note, that a single short word describing your company is allowed as repository name. file
Click on the generated link and you will be redirected to the password-protected repository. Please use the same password as during the repository creation to access the application area. file
Just after the creation, the repository will be empty, but you can upload your application in form of APK files by using the form in the top right corner. file
In the next step, the created repository has to be added to F-Droid application. To do so, please open F-Droid and navigate to Settings -> Repositories file
Make sure to deactivate all default repositories if you don’t explicitly need them, as they may cause performance drawbacks. Finally, click on “New Repository” in the top right corner. file
Enter the repository URL as found in emteria customization area, but with adding a /repo suffix at the end of the original URL. Filling out the fingerprint is not required. file
Ignore the “Unsigned” message below the just added URL, it will disappear after the first successful synchronization. file
Note: If you receive any messages regarding other problems, please check make sure that your device has the system date and time set correctly.
Return to the main screen of F-Droid and pull down from the top of the application window to trigger database update. file
After the update is complete, you will see the list of applications you have added to your private repository. file
Additionally, the repository list in F-Droid settings should also show correctre information for this repository. file

Yalp Store Application

Yalp Store lets you download apps directly from Google Play Store, as well as browse categories, view and leaving reviews, black/whitelisting apps for updates and filtering apps.

Warning: While it might be useful for testing, Yalp Store violates §3.3 of Google Play Terms of Service. Your account might be disabled, robbing you of any apps you have purchased. Please use it at your own risk.


F-Droid has a builtin search that is the best way to find specific apps. file
After clicking on an item from the search results, you will see a page with all the information on the selected app. Click “Install” to start the download and installation process. file
You will be prompted for permission to install the app. Confirm this dialog. file

Usage Example

Once the installation has finished, you can start the Yalp Store from the drawer. It is listed along with other installed applications. file
Yalp shows itself in the app list, which may be confusing. Just ignore it and use the search function in the top right corner in order to search for your favorite apps. file
You can also open the category view from the settings menu and browse through all available applications file.
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