[Devices] CM3 DevKit

This page summarizes device-specific settings and supported peripheral hardware for Raspberry CM3 DevKit. Please read the main RPi3 tutorial to make understand basic concepts.


  • Please read the official documentation for detailed steps how to mount the internal memory.
  • Flash emteria.OS to the mounted eMMC partition with emteria installer by choosing the “CM DevKit” target.

Supported Hardware


Support for the Raspberry Pi 7" touchscreen:

  • Follow the official documentation to setup the proper wiring and download the dt-blob binary. Don’t forget to connect 5V and GND pins of your touchscreen, since the official documentation assumes them to be wired.
  • Follow the main RPi3 section to set the 800x480 resolution by using the FKMS overlay.


Built-in support for CSI camera modules. Configuration according to the official documentation.

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